When somebody ask me for my website, I never know what link I should give. So I created this page as a hub for all Internet places where I left pieces of me. It should be easier to see me on the wide web. I also want to show you what I'm doing during my free time and to present you some stuff.

About me


My name is Matthieu Corageoud. I like to keep an eye on everything new and I'm always ready to learn and test all fresh geeky stuff. Feedly is my favorite website and helps me to find what I like.

If you want to know more about me, please take a look at the links below. I'm also using a lot of other interesting tools and you'll often find me with the pseudo "Matco" or "Matcora".

I don't have a blog because I don't have enough time and motivation to keep it updated. Maybe I'll change my mind in a close future if I get something interesting to say.


I'm a software engineer for Rodanotech a startup specialized in EDC (Electronic Data Capture) solutions in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm involved in the development of a web application written in Java/Angular and in the setup of any tool or process that help my team to be more efficient.


I use to do some developments during my free time. You can see here what I'm working on.
You can also read my point of view on geeky stuff.


Many thanks to Mark James and Komodomedia for all pretty icons: FamFamFam Komodomedia.